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Looking for help in researching the topic of telehealth? We hope this list of telehealth systematic reviews, compiled by the Rural Telehealth Research Center, will help.

Systematic Reviews with a General Application
Reference Category
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Wade VA, Karnon J, Elshaug AG, Hiller JE. A systematic review of economic analyses of telehealth services using real time video communication. BMC Health Services Research. 10: 233, 2010. General overview - economic


Systematic Reviews with a Specific Hospital-based Application
Reference Category
Young LB, Chan PS, Cram P. Staff acceptance of tele-ICU coverage: A systematic review. Chest. 39(2): 279-288, 2011. Specific application - ICU
Young LB, Chan PS, Lu X, Nallamothu BK, Sasson C, Cram PM. Impact of telemedicine intensive care unit coverage on patient outcomes. Arch Intern Med. 171(6): 498-506, 2011. Specific application - ICU


Systematic Reviews with a Specific Clinic-based Application
Reference Category
Bartoli L, Zanaboni P, Masella C,Ursini N. Systematic review of telemedicine services for patients affected by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Telemedicine and e-Health. 15(9): 877-883, 2009. Specific application - COPD
Deshpande A, Khoja S, McKibbon A, Rizo C, Jadad AR. Telehealth for acute stroke management (telestroke): Systematic review of analytic studies and environmental scan of relevant initiatives [Technology report number 99]. Ottawa: Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health; 2008. Specific application - stroke
Luxton DD, Sirotin AP, Mishkind MC. Safety of telemental healthcare delivered to clinically unsupervised settings: A systematic review. Telemedicine and e-Health. 16(6): 705-711, 2010. Specific application - Mental health
Maric B, Kaan A, Ignaszewski A, Lear SA. A systematic review of telemonitoring technologies in heart failure. European Journal of Heart Failure. 11: 506-517, 2009. Specific application - CHF
Siriwardena LS, Wickramasinghe WA, Perera KL, Marasinghe RB, Katulanda P, Hewapathirana R. A review of telemedicine interventions in diabetes care. J Telemed Telecare. 18(3): 164-8, 2012. Specific application - diabetes
Swanepoel DW, Hall JW. A systematic review of telehealth applications in audiology. Telemedicine and e-Health. 16(2): 181-200, 2010. Specific application - Audiology


Systematic Reviews with a Home-based Application
Reference Category
DelliFraine JL, Dansky KH. Home-based telehealth: a review and meta-analysis. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare. 14: 62-66, 2008. Home health
Pare G, Jaana M, Sicotte C. Systematic review of home telemonitoring for chronic diseases: The evidence base. JAMIA. 14(3): 269-277, 2007. Home health - Chronic diseases
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Rojas SV, Gagnon MP. A Systematic review of the key indicators for assessing telehomecare cost-effectiveness. Telemedicine and e-Health, 14(9): 896-904, 2008. Home health - Cost effectiveness